ROI helps students identify what to learn and how to find opportunities to learn and work.

Students who work with ROI College Planning and Application Process

benefit from:

  • Personally relevant plan for study - beginning in high school

  • Clear criteria for college decision-making

  • List of colleges to consider

  • Complete and timely applications with essays

  • Improved writing skills

  • Tips and guidance throughout the process

  • Summary meeting notes to help parents and students track progress and tasks

Students who work with ROI for Gap Year Directional Planning will see advancement in:

  • Research skills

  • Decision-making skills

  • Pragmatic application skills - planning with calendar, time, and budget in mind

Students who use ROI planning experience increased maturity as shown in:

  • Increased self-reliance

  • Courage and calm when exposed to challenges

  • Sustained confidence

  • Balanced personal accountability through budgeting skills and making investments count

  • Safe, healthy decision-making

  • Personally meaningful motivation

  • Increased cultural awareness

  • Increased understanding of own learning and work styles

Gap Year Plan Review results in:

  • Timely review of your gap year plan

  • Budget and calendar timeline review

  • Suggestions for resources to consider

  • Questions to answer to get the most out of your endeavors

Gap Year Directional Planning

  • Personally relevant plan for taking a gap year

  • Guidance with college deferment process

  • Review of the impact of upcoming gap year on college selection, financial aid and scholarship opportunity

  • Researching options

  • Applying and implementing gap year plan

  • Providing support through gap year

  • Re-application to college during gap year, if relevant

  • Tips and guidance on navigating transitions

  • Succinctly and professionally capturing gap year experiences on a resume

  • Summary meeting notes to keep students and parents informed and on track

Career Development

  • Personal and professional mission statements

  • Criteria for your best working environment

  • Resume design and review

  • Guidance for professional communication

  • Social media review

  • Opportunities to check out different careers

  • Tips, guidance, and resources

  • Coaching for job application and interviews

  • Summary notes of each meeting