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ROI Directional Planning

ROI  is dedicated to helping young adults navigate options from high school through college to create meaningful and relevant experiences within a budget and with an eye to capturing a promising return on investment.


ROI helps define goals, research options, create a budget, and implement a plan that considers college, gap year, and career intentions.

Gap year directional planning includes activities and choices of travel, further academics, internships and employment opportunities as well as career intention exploration.

College Application/Exploration

ROI guides students through the process of researching colleges, writing applications, and selecting which offer of admission to college. Students figure out what they care about, what they want to learn, and which colleges are the best fit for their relevant criteria. Students benefit from guidance while in school, on summer break, or during a gap year. Nearly all gap year students apply to college while in high school and then defer. ROI ensures an opportunity during the gap year to either confirm the college choice or

decide upon a better fit. 

Gap Year Programs

ROI asks critical questions to help students define goals, interests, preferences.  ROI guides students in researching and designing a gap year plan that includes relevant activities, work, a calendar, and a budget for the best fit while taking into consideration intended future plans.

Career Interest Development

ROI helps young adults find meaningful work endeavors through intentional design and directional planning. Students can benefit from career exploration prior to committing to college, whether by identifying a specific area of study or at minimum identifying several options.

One of the essential values of taking a gap year is that it allows time to learn your place in the world, learn about one's self, and explore career disciplines. Work placement opportunities provide a way to "test the waters" of suspected interests.




ROI helps students identify what to learn, their style of learning

and what types of experiences they are seeking. 

ROI  helps students research opportunities that are

personally relevant to what they care about.


Through personal one-on-one consultations, ROI helps students know

their own strengths so they can best present themselves in applications

for college, gap year programs or work opportunities.

ROI provides clients with summary notes of each meeting,

keeping a detailed process on track. 

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